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Contract analysis

Contract analysis

Seven Stones provides legal advisory services in the following areas:

Legal Due Diligence
Comprehensive review of legal entities, holding structures and real property.

Structuring and support for various transaction formats involving the acquisition of real property, enterprises and equipment whether through the purchase of shares or assets.

Registration of Property Rights
Assistance in registering and exercising ownership rights to land (land use, land ownership, transactions involving land lots, change in permitted use, etc.), as well as ownership rights to various types of commercial and residential property (transaction support, legal advice for effective asset management, registration of ownership, etc.)

Investment Projects / Development Projects
Full spectrum of legal advisory services available over the life of a property development – beginning with the preparation of a business plan and ending with its full implementation.

Transaction Structures Using Debt
Transactions incorporating loans, shareholder loans and assignment deeds. Drafting of loan and collateral agreements, registration of mortgages, etc.

Compulsory Transfers of Ownership / Preventive Measures
Legal advice on compulsory transfers of real property, as well as their implementation.
Strategies for protecting assets from a compulsory transfer whether initiated by creditors as part of bankruptcy proceedings or by investors through hostile takeover.

Legal Entities and Joint Ventures

Legal Representation
Legal representation in court and in arbitrage proceedings, as well as in interactions with federal, regional and local agencies.