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Investment Services

Investment Services

SEVEN STONES offers a full spectrum of investment services in Russia and other CIS states.
Many of the transactions completed by our management team stand out in terms of their size, uniqueness and sophistication, such as:

Dispositions and Acquisitions
SEVEN STONES has a wealth of experience in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. Transactions completed by our investment team cover a wide variety of market sectors (office, retail, hotels) and development stages (land sites, projects, income-generating buildings). Whether on behalf of a developer or an investor, we are ready to assist during all transaction stages – from initial due diligence to the transfer of title.

Transaction Structuring
A meticulous approach to transaction structuring can substantially improve economics and lower risks. For example, when creating an ownership structure we take into account the client's preferences in terms of property rights, tax efficiency and exit opportunities before recommending a combination of jurisdictions. We also seek to improve the transaction through various means, including transaction phasing, assumption of existing debt, the use of options, and partitioning of the purchase price into a base price and an earn-out based upon performance.

Bank Financing and Restructuring
We have a long history of collaboration with Russian and international lenders. Our knowldege of the approval process and rapport with individual bankers are invaluable resources when securing financing for our clients. We also provide services as a third party expert in restructuring existing loans.

Deal Origination and Due Diligence
The best investment opportunities are often the hardest to find, and sometimes the buyer and his advisors simply need to create the opportunity themselves. This approach requires a thorough understanding of the seller, his reputation, motivations, decision making process and monitoring of changes in his business. At Seven Stones we have excellent deal flow, as evidenced by the large number of transactions our team has completed while acting on behalf of investors.

Investment Valuation
In addition to the traditional valuation methods (the income, sales comparison and cost approach), we identify and examine trends and pivotal events in the market that have the potential to impact pricing.

Access to Investors and Developers
Our investment team has ongoing discussions with the largest developers and investors in the Russian market. We participate in the leading professional organizations and attend all major conferences and tradeshows.